Late Night League

Tonight, I am transferring files from one computer to another. This is a process that takes a good deal of time when the files are large, the hard drives are slow, and you have to constantly attend to it because some of the files are impossible to copy and others are virus-infected. And so, I have been playing League of Legends with friends. It’s a late night, and I have to be up early tomorrow, but I have to get this done before I head back to college for a few weeks. My parents will worry unduly otherwise, and so would I. I want to make sure our files are properly transferred. Even though I keep trying to get them to use the cloud, they still won’t, and they rely on single copies of files that aren’t backed up the way they should be, so data transfer is very important. You can only do so much for users who refuse to take control of their own data.

Also in between the file transfers, I’ve set up to stream to Twitch on my laptop. It never hurts to be streaming, even if you’re pretty sure no one’s watching. After all, you can only produce content. Whether or not people consume it is up to them and God. 

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