The Return

Today, I go back to school, for classes start tomorrow. It is a bittersweet emotion, for my friends will be there, and so also will be the work and a return to business. New quarters are always new beginnings, un nouveau être. I listen to my chill-out music on the ride – a little bit of Eurielle mixed in with whatever Spotify thinks is similar. So far, it’s pretty on-point. At the same time, I’m texting my friends, giving us all callsigns from Red Squadron and communicating ETAs and places of meeting. For all the digital relationships we have, there’s something more significant about being with each other in person. My brother, of course, will join us from home in Naperville, where he awaits either Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm. My friends will probably be happy to play either, and I for one cannot get enough of my new favorite hero, Zenyatta. I plan to main him for a little while at least, and then he will probably go into my rotation of regularly-played heroes, which includes at least half of them. 

Setting up the new computer last night carried over into this morning, and I was still up until four in the morning. For having gotten up after one, that’s not bad, as it’s only about a fifteen-hour day, but getting up at ten thirty today means I’m still a little tired. The new coffee maker that my parents got me for Christmas is really helping out there. Now that I’m an adult and an engineer, I drink coffee pretty regularly, and going out for it in the mornings was getting real old. Now I can enjoy it in the comfort of my own home whenever I am home, and that means a lot to me. It really improves the quality of my life.

Now, as for gaming. I do not expect my gaming to decrease much with school – it doesn’t usually – so you can still find me online if you know where to look. Ministry in Digital Spaces people, I’m looking at you. The lot of us need to game together more often, and as we’re finally starting to gain traction you won’t catch me sabotaging it. My friends who don’t ascribe to that label, don’t worry – there’s still plenty of time for you, and I’ll see you around. I’m more than capable of doing multiple things with my life, and that’s even easier if and when they overlap. I ask you all to bear with me, and get to know each other. You’re all wonderful people and I hope you’ll become good friends, as I have become friends with many of you who don’t know me in person. That’s the beauty and the magic of online spaces, and if I have to be the linchpin that brings you all together, I’m down for that, but I think you can do it without me. As always, good luck and have fun. Recon, over and out. 

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