So, quest nights for Ministry in Digital Spaces are a thing now, if still in beta. Tonight’s quest was pretty simple: configure and test our streaming setups, and have some fun playing Heroes of the Storm. For me, the night ended in a couple of conclusions: first, streaming is fun and not that different from playing normally, at least so far; and second, that I really enjoy Heroes of the Storm when I’m playing the correct characters. Apparently, that was all it took to turn a mediocre game into a good one for me, and it’s a good reminder of something else in life.

No one person can be everything, because no one person can enjoy everything. You can try being something you do not enjoy if you want, but you are unlikely to get very far. After some time you will tire, or you will become disillusioned with the state of the current affair, and you will throw in the towel. And that is a good thing. If we were always to be doing things we did not enjoy we should have no fun and friendship in the world, and it would be a far less happy place.

That is not to say that no man should do something he does not enjoy; in fact, many men must do something they do not enjoy at all times for the world to continue functioning. But each man should have something he enjoys, and he should exercise that thing on a regular basis. That thing should not be something he does not enjoy, or he will become a grouch. It should be something which brings him life above all else.

This thing I am talking about, of course, is either a job or a hobby. If a man is lucky, he may enjoy his job to the point where it brings him life; a good many men are lucky in this way. A good many more, however, will find that their jobs or their position in life does not bring them joy, and these men should have hobbies. If a man does not have a hobby he will be unlikely to have the requisite source of joy in his life to sustain him throughout the week, and he will become a terrible person to be around.

So much for my post in the style of C.S. Lewis. What do you make of it?

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