The Spiral

Tonight, I am angry. Gaming is my mission field, and every day, I see millions of people being hurt by … More

The Seventh Quest

This week’s quest had a bit of a different format, as I mentioned in my last weekly post. We suffered … More

The Sixth Quest

Last night was the sixth quest in our questing series here at Ministry in Digital Spaces, and probably the final … More

The Modern Jukebox

Tonight, I set out to discover whether I could play music in my Discord server via the aid of a … More


So, quest nights for Ministry in Digital Spaces are a thing now, if still in beta. Tonight’s quest was pretty … More

Ends and Beginnings

First, an apology that I haven’t been blogging as actively lately. I have been taking an extremely heavy course load … More


Sometimes, all you can do is regroup. When your team is feeding, trickling in, or allowing free objectives left and … More

Burst and Sustain

I spent six hours hacking together a preliminary game with my team today. It wasn’t much, and it isn’t done, … More