The Prodigal Player

In the types of video games I play, there’s typically a lot of conflict. Conflict between me and the environment, … More

It Takes a Team

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from League of Legends, it’s that going in at a man disadvantage is almost … More

The Tinker’s Workshop

As you may have noticed, I’ve broken my usual pattern the last two days, and that’s because I’ve been busy … More

Carrying as AP Nunu

Every eSports player I know of will tell you that winning isn’t about improving your A game. Rather, it’s about … More

Batman and Blood Flies

Today, I had the privilege of watching a good friend play Dishonored 2. It’s an interesting game, with a good … More

Missing the Mark

Sometimes, in life, you miss the mark. You fail a test, get rejected for a research proposal, or miss picking … More

Grinding Genji

Tonight, my brother and I started grinding for Oni Genji. For those of you who don’t know, the challenge involves … More

Tilt and Untilting

Today, I got in an argument during a round of Quick Play in Overwatch. Now, normally, I am a pretty … More